An IGLU home is a property which is managed by us on the serviced accommodation market. Our properties vary from suburban townhouses, luxury central apartments or even cosy garden summerhouses. The majority of our landlords receive guests on a full-time basis whilst others use our services for 3-6 months at a time. Get in touch today to find out how much you could earn from your property.



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In early 2018 we decided to team up to deliver a service that enabled property owners in Manchester to earn a passive income from having their homes listed as serviced properties on partner sites such as AirBnB, Trip Advisor,…etc.

HMO to Home Conversion Made Simple

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As a HMO licensed property owner you certainly don’t need reminding of the difficulties and challenges that are often associated with buying and managing a property on the HMO market. The bottom line is so often a cause of recurring nightmares…



"Jonathan and his team at IGLU have been very fast and efficient in preparing the property for listing on Airbnb. They have an eye for design and have made the place very appealing for guests. Combined with their Superhost status, this has brought in bookings at a surprising rate. My house went from not ready, to over 90% booked within 6 weeks. Regarding management, they deal with everything from enquiries and check-in, to cleaning and laundering bed linen. It's great to be able to have an income from the property without having to do anything myself." 

- Gregory H Colbourn


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